My Reptiles

My Reptiles App

A complete mobile solution for tracking everything related to your precious reptiles.

Keep records of your feedings, cleanings, breedings etc.

My Reptiles is available for both iOS and Android. Download it today and make your life easier.

Features & Capabilities

  • Add your reptiles to the app and create barcodes that can be scanned to identify the reptile
  • Keep a precise record of your feedings, quantities and refused feeds
  • Maintain logs of shedding, weights, length, cleaning and if they require medication it can be scheduled to remind you to medicate when required
  • View reptile genetics so reptile keepers can have a better understanding in breeding projects and what sort of variations they have the ability to produce through punnet squares
  • Have access to the best reptile vets around the world for your reptile if required and members can leave ratings and comments to show if they would recommend them to others